Earthquake glossary of terms

You can collect and memorize the terms in this website that have appeared up to this point. You can also search for words that you do not understand.


A term that refers to the movement of a fault or the shaking that results from it.

Early Earthquake Early Warning

The Earthquake Early Warning predicts the size and the epicenter of an earthquake by capturing P waves when an earthquake occurs,
A system that announces a few seconds to a few tens of seconds before a big shake (S wave) comes.


A device that observes and records earthquake shakes.

Seismic intensity

An indicator that indicates the magnitude of earthquake shaking. There are ten steps in all.


A value indicating the magnitude of the earthquake.

Secondary disaster

A disaster that is caused by the occurrence of an earthquake. The main secondary disasters are fire, tsunami and liquefaction.

Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake

A major earthquake of the direct type that is believed to occur in southern Kanto and three prefectures.

Nankai Trough

A very large ditch located on the seabed south of Shikoku.

Nankai Trough Large Earthquake

A large earthquake that is believed to occur in the Nankai Trough.

False rumor

False information that is deliberately streamed.


To restore something broken or damaged to its original condition.


A word that means that what has fallen once is to regain momentum again.