With the fear of damage of the Nankai Trough large earthquake

The Great Nankai Trough Earthquake, which is heavily damaged by the tsunami. Let's start with "What is the Nankai trough?"

What is the Nankai Trough Earthquake?

The "Nankai Trough Large Earthquake" is an earthquake where the Nankai Trough is considered to be an epicenter area.

The Nankai Trough is a very large ditch located in the seabed south of Shikoku. It is so active that there are a lot of earthquakes. It is the Nankai Trough earthquake that is said to occur there.
Prefectures off the Pacific Ocean are likely to be hit by earthquakes of magnitude 7 and 6. Although damage alone is serious, a tsunami occurs because an earthquake occurs on the seabed.
Therefore, large-scale damage is expected in the Nankai Trough large earthquake.
It's a scary earthquake.
It is quite bland against your appearance.

What happens when the Nankai Trough Earthquake occurs?

The following data is an assumption when an M9 class earthquake occurs
320,000 deaths
The Great East Japan Earthquake dead number 15,894

Ruined house 2,386,000
Great East Japan Earthquake total destruction 121,805 buildings

Economic damage 220 billion 300 billion yen
Great East Japan Earthquake Economic damage 23 trillion yen

Waste 250 million tons
Great East Japan Earthquake Waste 1.802 million tons

I guess you made a mistake?
I have not made a mistake. Besides, it is also said that there is a shortage of water and food. And the height of the tsunami in question is expected to be up to 32 meters .
32 meters! ?
The Pacific side may be hit by a fairly high tsunami. It is expected that the airport from Chubu to Kyushu will be flooded by the tsunami.


If a tsunami occurs, let's hurry to the hill.
Because the Nankai Trough Earthquake is likely to cause considerable widespread damage Food and other stockpiles need to be for a week or more.
Let's usually confirm evacuation site with family so that Nankai Trough great earthquake may come.

When a disaster occurs, it is expected that mobile phones will not be connected. How do you check once with the family members where you will be evacuated at the time of disaster?

There were a lot of things I didn't know, thank you for letting me know a lot.
Hey Shun, do you really know this guy? What should I do in the event of a disaster?
Rest assured. I have prepared a task for Sasaki.

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