We after the earthquake

Were we experienced a great earthquake and were we able to recover our former life?
How can we achieve reconstruction?
It will be the last theme of this site.

Five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake ... What is the current state of Tohoku

On March 11, 2011, a major tsunami hit Tohoku.
Now that five and a half years have passed, what is the disaster area?

Some of the victims are still forced to live in temporary housing.
In addition, children transferred to other prefectures have suffered from bullying and new problems have also appeared.
Due to the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, a large amount of radiation-contaminated soil is being loaded without a stop.

More than half a year since the Kumamoto earthquake ... The collapsed house is now

The situation in the afflicted area is still in a severe condition. However, on the other hand, repair work of Kumamoto Castle has begun, though it is a bit,
The road to reconstruction is on the way.

Questionnaire Request

Thank you for your cooperation in the questionnaire.
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Since the aftershocks are still continuing and living in temporary housing is continuing, I think the earthquake is not over yet.
It is necessary to acquire knowledge about disaster prevention and to be well associated with the earthquake.
How can I get along well with the earthquake while getting along well with her Kaori?
shut up!
Eh, were you getting along?
Girls are scared like earthquakes?
An example that shows the fear of an earthquake the most, it is wonderful.
... Finally, we will think about disaster prevention from the opinions of everyone sent to the questionnaire.

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